Glacier Ridge Computing

Located in beautiful Glenwood, Minnesota, Glacier Ridge has been providing West Central Minnesota with professional computer services for over five years.

To assure that we can assist all of our customers' needs, we have a retail storefront to sell computers and accessories; as well as a computer lab for performing repairs, upgrades, and testing on computer systems. All of our custom-designed systems are built on site by our professional technicians, including the Avenger Desktop series and the Patriot File Server series.

Glacier Ridge was founded because President and CEO Scott Krueger saw a need for affordable computing solutions in the rural market and decided that the gap needed to be filled. In 2002, Scott founded Glacier Ridge Computing and has been supplying Minnesota's rural communities with the technology and service they require, at a price that they an afford.

Mike Heveron, Owner

Mike has over 10 years of experience working with home and business users and has expertise working with all versions of Windows and small/medium networks.

If you would like any additional information about Mike or Glacier Ridge Computing, please contact us.


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